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Renovation Windows Save Money

February 23, 2017

If your resolutions for 2017 included saving money, you may want to consider adding renovation windows to your savings plan. The recent cold weather was certainly a reminder of how efficient or maybe inefficient your current home energy is. Vinyl windows can replace single pane, or double pane glass in an older home or upgrade less efficient windows. This can prevent the warm air you've already paid to heat from escaping outside.

Canada uses the same standards as the US, determined by the NAFS (National Fenestration Rating Council). These ratings measure the performance of windows by region and by the application. 

When we say that our windows are designed for the west coast, it's because performance ratings are specific to location. The amount of wind pressure a building experiences in one region of Canada will be different from other regions. Likewise, the amount of driving rain that we experience here on the coast is significantly different from other regions. Modern renova…

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