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Aluminum Windows Make A Big Comeback

April 14, 2016

Who chooses to build with aluminum windows in 2016? They're making a big comeback and for good reason! Although people think aluminum windows are a product of the past, we still make them and we're busting all the myths about them not meeting energy standards. In fact, aluminum windows are the new sleek and sexy when it comes to modern home design. 

With an ultra-thin profile that shows off all that beautiful glass without the bulk of frames, Modern aluminum windows are the perfect way to give a classy look to your new home construction. These thermally broken windows have more than just good looks though, they're smart too with an NAFS approval and Energy Star certified rating to conserve energy. 

Seriously though, there are more great reasons to choose aluminum windows from Modern.

1. Local. Our aluminum windows are manufactured right here in Powell River and that's a pretty cool thing that we're very proud of. It means that you're supporting a local manufactu…

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