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5 Reasons to Choose Glass For Your Deck Railing

There are many reasons to choose a glass railing system for your patio or deck. Besides the obvious reason of enjoying an unimpeded view, here are 5 other convincing attributes, which make a great case  for choosing glass.

1. Versatile. A glass railing blends well with any style of architecture, adding elegance to a contemporary design, or minimizing the appearance of structures in a rustic design. While there are glass railing styles that have top railings that can be matched to your home exterior, a topless glass railing system takes all of the guesswork out of finding a complementary style.

2. Easy Maintenance. Compare the easy maintenance of glass with having to repaint or re-stain your wooden railings every few years and you can easily see the savings in cost and effort. Other than washing with a squeegee and a bit of soap, a glass railing is practically maintenance free. The tempered glass that's used in glass deck railings can last a life time with proper care.

3. Effective. Glass railing systems are perfect for keeping things in and out! If you have small children or animals you won't have to worry about them getting caught or stuck between the pickets. They're also more difficult to access from the outside and can serve as either a wind break or privacy screen.

4. Customizable. Glass is very customizable and is a highly creative medium. When you're designing your outdoor deck you can choose from different kinds of glass to reduce glare, include etched patterns, or opaque qualities such as frosted textures. 

5. Safe. The use of tempered glass ensures that your railings are strong and durable. When a panel of tempered glass breaks, it breaks into many small pieces that are circular instead of into sharp, jagged shards thereby reducing potential injury. Modern offers a 20 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Installed as directed, our glass railings meet or exceed the requirements of international building codes.

Here are pictures of a few decks that we think really show off the versatility and personality of glass, and though your initial investment might be a little higher, our customers say that the lack of maintenance and trouble free care is definitely worth it. We think you'll agree. Questions? Ask any of our staff about pricing or installation details. 



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