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Duradek - We've Got You Covered

vinyl deck covering using Duradek productDuradek Vinyl Deck Covering
We have a lot of great products available at Modern, including Duradek vinyl deck covering.  As many homeowners are getting ready for the outdoor season and the weather conditions for refinishing your outdoor deck are becoming more cooperative, we thought we’d offer a few tips.
If you’re not already familiar with it, Duradek vinyl deck covering is a great addition to the value of your home for more reasons than that it looks really great.  The vinyl coating offers year round waterproof protection to protect the structure of your deck from the effects of the wet coastal weather we get at other times of the year. It also offers a slip resistance surface for a safer outdoor area and comes in a variety of colours and textures so that it matches perfectly with your existing décor.
 It used to be that having an outdoor deck meant that you had a guaranteed maintenance project every year, but Duradek vinyl deck covering offers a low maintenance alternative when installed correctly. It won’t crack, peel, or chip and you won’t have to paint it. It has UV and mildew inhibitors build right into the product, so other than cleaning with soap and water once a year, your work is done. It does require a particular set of steps to prepare the surface for these results, but we have lots of experience to help you get there.
Here are 3 great reasons to choose Modern as your Duradek installer:

1. In order to get the benefit of a no leak finish you need to know the correct slope of your deck, flashing and door/post wraps. Our quote includes all of the knowledge and expertise to get your installation done properly so there are no surprises. Duradek comes in 54” and 72” widths and our product knowledge and experience helps us make the best recommendation for which widths to buy in order to cover the most amount of area with the fewest number of seams for less waste.
2. It’s important to know the direction and placement of the seams, and how they will attach to other structures. Each seam is heat welded and includes a cap weld in addition to the initial weld to ensure waterproofing. We have heat welded many vinyl decks, so our Duradek installers know exactly what it takes to make each seam work. All that water has to go somewhere, so the drains, scuppers, overflows, and gutters are all taken into consideration too.
3. Duradek vinyl decking comes in lots of different colours and patterns, so you aren't limited to beige and grey. Not only are there lots of colours to choose from, but textures too that range from pebbles to barn wood or even forest floors. This kind of variety can make a huge difference to enhancing an outdoor theme. You'll find it hard to believe that something that looks so great needs so little maintenance! Except for the occasional soap and water wash and rinse, there isn't any other maintenance required, so you'll be able to spend more time enjoying your deck than working on it.
If you’re considering vinyl deck covering this year, give us a call!  We make it easy to enhance your outdoor deck space and all quotes are offered free of charge. Check out the Duradek portfolio for some inspiration.

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