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Signs it's Time for Gutter Repair

It’s gutter season again and there are a few tell tale signs that will alert you to the need for gutter repair or replacement. As those who live on the west coast well know, once the rainy season starts it can be a long stretch of wet before we see the sunshine again. The best place to start is to get up there on the ladder, make sure that the gutters are free of debris and ready to do their job. (If you want to avoid this step, ask about our Leafguard products which keep the water flowing and the debris out.)

1. The first sign of wear and tear are visible cracks in your gutters, which are most often visible at the joints. It may be easier to replace your gutters than to repair them if there are multiple seams leaking. There may be rust holes where they are attached to the house or mounting bracket as well so a visible inspection is a good place to start.

2. You’ll know they’re cracked if you’re hearing splashing sounds when it’s raining, as this indicates that the rain water is not being directed to your drainage system. You’ll also be noticing standing water after or during a heavy rain which is bad news for your home’s foundation and increases the risk of mold and mildew starting in your basement.

3. Check for the the droop. How well your gutters are attached to your home is also a good thing to be checking up on as rain will be turning to snow, and we rarely get the dry fluffy kind.  If your gutters are looking a little droopy, you may need to be doing some repairs. It’s important to consider the pitch of your gutters too so that the rain is properly directed to your drainage system.

Give us a call to get a free quote for gutter replacement and installation, as well as Leafguard improvements. Our team is very experienced and can get the job done right. Our gutter truck can produce them to length on site ensuring the right fit the first time.

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