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Using Glass Windows and Doors to Connect Interior and Exterior Living Spaces

How Windows and Doors can Create Seamless Transitions Throughout your Home


Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular as homeowners look to maximize private space, find ways to connect with nature and have a place to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. 

Now, homeowners, designers and architects are finding ways to connect those outdoor living rooms to their homes to establish a more seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. The best way to do this is by using a combination of windows and doors. 

A very popular look these days is combining sliding glass doors and/or windows to create a wall of glass. This wall of glass can fully open, providing easy and direct access and bright, expansive views. You see this design often in homes built in warmer climates, but it’s also great for our warm spring weather and increasingly hot summers here in BC. 

Modern's NAFS-certified windows sport an ultrathin profile as well as a variety of customization options. This gives builders and architects a chance to use more glass and less frame.

During a warm, breezy spring day, you can open the panels of glass and let the fresh air right in! To screen out the rest of nature while you enjoy fresh air and sunlight, we’ve also got a great line of roll screens to accompany your windows and doors.

The Best Options for Windows and Doors

When it comes to creating the right indoor to outdoor transition for your home, there are many contemporary and innovative door and window options to choose from:

Folding Glass Doors / Panels. Also known as accordion style doors, these panels fold up as they open. A wall of folding doors can be designed to split in the middle and fold out to each end, or fold from one side to the other. When fully open the door panels sit at a right angle to the opening which means there is very little view disruption. 

Multi-Slide Doors. The same principle as a traditional patio door, but with multiple panels that can all slide back for a larger opening. Multi-slide doors can open in the middle or from one end only. These are also referred to as stacking doors due to the way they stack up when fully opened. With multi-slide glass doors there is the option of creating wall pockets, which the doors can disappear into, resulting in a completely open transition space.

French Doors. If your home is more historic in style, you may prefer to retain the traditional dual swing opening system of French doors. While this naturally limits the size of the physical opening between your interior and exterior, glass French doors can be surrounded on either side and above with glass panels that will still create an open and airy feeling but retain the home’s original architecture.

Pass-Through Windows. The same idea as a moveable wall but on a smaller scale. Pass-through windows are gaining popularity for kitchens which don’t have a door leading directly onto the outdoor eating area. These windows can incorporate a larger counter style sill. This allows items to be passed through and a place for guests to sit and chat to the cook.

Solid / Non-Moving Glass Wall Panels. Any moveable windows and doors can be complemented with additional glass panels to create a complete glass wall. Consider using large window panels to the side or above a multi-panel door or create additional glass walls in the same space for a modern, open design.

The Benefits of Installing Multi-Panel Glass Windows and Doors

Unless you are building a home from scratch and can include a glass wall in the initial design, adding one in will require some significant renovation work such as wall removal. You won’t regret it though once you start seeing and feeling the benefits of a brighter and more open space. 

Some of the many benefits of upgrading to expansive panels of windows and doors:

  • Make the most of spectacular views: Whether your view is ocean, mountains or your backyard, a multi-panel door will maximize your opportunity to see the great outdoors, from the comfort of your home.

  • Create a flow between indoor and outdoor spaces: Expand your living area by completely opening up your multi-panel door and creating one flowing space. This will give you much more flexibility to enjoy your home with family and friends. 

  • Increase the natural light in your home: Adding a glass wall or multiple panels of doors and windows will bring much more natural light into your home, which can be a great mood booster.

  • Make your home feel bigger: Although you wont actually be adding square footage to your home, the open feel and spaciousness will make your home look and feel bigger. As these doors and windows don’t swing open into the room, you can also maximise your use of floor space.

  • Add energy efficiency: No need to worry about feeling cold in the winter, our windows and doors are insulated to retain heat in the winter.

  • Easy to use: Due to the way they are manufactured, multi-panel glass walls are very light and effortless to move, unlike some heavier old-style sliding glass doors you may have encountered.


Using Doors and Windows in Your Design: Tips for a Seamless Indoor to Outdoor Transition

If you are considering adding a wall of windows or a multi-panel glass door to your home, these tips will help you to create a seamless transition and one continuous living area.

  1. Continuity of materials can make your indoor and outdoor spaces feel like one room, for example, use one type of floor tile to create an uninterrupted visual effect.

  2. Pick the style, design and finish for your windows and doors that best complement your existing architecture and décor. The right designs will allow them to blend right in, rather than creating a visual barrier when closed.

  3. Finish your outdoor living space in a similar style of décor to your indoor space to create the feeling of an extended room.

  4. Sliding glass doors and folding multi-panel doors can be designed with 90-degree angles allowing two or more adjoining walls to open around an exterior space.

Open Up Your Home with a Glass Wall from Modern

Looking for advice on how you can incorporate windows and doors with a modern edge into your home? Speak to the experts at Modern today. We’ll be glad to help you discover the best multi-panel doors and upgraded windows for your new home or home renovation.

In addition to the windows created in our state of the art factory in Powell river, we can also enhance your outdoor living space with siding, decking, railing, awnings, patio covers and sunroom products

With over 35 years of experience in improving residential and commercial exteriors, Modern can guide you toward the right options for your space. Covering Vancouver Island, Powell River, Sunshine Coast and the lower mainland, Modern is a true one stop shop for your renovation needs.

Contact us today to find out how you can bring the outside in with Modern.


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