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Vertical Siding is a Stylish, Modern Option

Why You Should Consider Vertical Siding for Your New Home or Renovation

Vertical siding is trending in home design and for some good reasons. With a distinctive look that gives traditional homes a contemporary vibe and complements the clean lines of modern homes, it's no wonder homeowners, architects and renovators are looking to add vertical siding to their homes.

The versatility and variety of options for vertical siding make it a great choice, whether it is used all over the home or as a creative accent. Using vertical siding as a feature is a noticeable trend not only on new-build homes but for renovations of older style homes too.

Whether you are building a brand new home or giving your current home a facelift, consider adding vertical siding to transform the look.

The Benefits of Using Vertical Siding

The addition of any kind of siding is a benefit to your home as it acts as a protector, keeping out moisture, weather damage and pests. Vertical siding is superior at protecting the home, especially from water damage as rain and damp is channelled to run naturally down the wall. As water doesn’t sit or pool in the siding channels, the risk of damage and dampness is minimized.

Other benefits of vertical siding:

  • Adds an illusion of height due to the vertical stripes, making the home look bigger.

  • Can be used to showcase the architectural features of the home.

  • Versatile – can be used all over home or just on some parts such as the gables. 

  • Adds value to your home – adding curb appeal and a durable, long-lasting product will enhance your home’s value.

  • Makes your home stand out – vertical siding is popular but still unique enough to make your home the envy of your neighbourhood.

  • Low maintenance – vertical siding sustains little damage, minimizing maintenance needs. It can be washed with hose or pressure washer without risk of damaging materials.

What is Vertical Siding Made Of?

Vertical siding is available in a wide array of materials such as vinyl siding, wood siding, composite siding, aluminum siding and fiber cement siding. Siding can be textured or smooth and is offered in a range of colours to suit all tastes.

Vinyl: Long-wearing and virtually maintenance-free, vinyl siding maintains a freshly painted look without any additional work or expense. Available in a variety of styles, finishes and colour options, vinyl is budget-friendly, simple to install and resistant to damage from bad weather and bugs.

Wood: While wood siding is the original and most traditional look for vertical siding, it is also the hardest to maintain, requiring protection and re-painting regularly. If you find the real wood look attractive, consider using a composite siding instead. This is compressed wood boards that have the look of real wood but with great durability and a smooth, modern finish. Composite is attractive on modern homes alongside other high-end materials like concrete and steel.

Fiber cement: Siding made of fiber cement can be made to mimic any style of finish. It is also fire resistant, weather-resistant and extremely durable with low maintenance requirements. However, it is a very heavy product which does require more preparation and support when installed.

What Styles of Vertical Siding Can I Choose From?

The term vertical siding covers any siding that runs straight up and down, rather than the more commonly seen horizontal siding that runs straight across a home. Depending on your preference there are a few different styles of vertical siding you can choose from.

Board-And-Batten Siding

  • The most well-known and popular vertical siding style is Board-And-Batten, also known as barn siding.

  • Based on traditional wooden farmhouses, where it was preferred due to its superior seal, it is now popular on all types of homes from cottage style, to traditional to modern.

  • Board and Batten style is vertical planks with thin batten seals nailed over the seams.

  • The board can vary in width from very slim to super-wide panels.

  • It's easy to maintain, if required just one board can be removed and replaced.

Bead board Paneling

  • Rows of vertical panels with indented ridge (bead) between each panel.

  • Can be used externally and internally as an inexpensive alternative to tile.

  • Durable and paintable – it offers a more delicate and detailed style.

V-groove Panels 

  • Bevel-edged boards that when put together result in a v shape between boards. 

  • It generally has narrower strips than Board-And-Batten, so suits those wanting a more modern, simple exterior look with clean lines.

  • Eye-catching as a real wood accent contrasted against a neutral-coloured horizontal siding.


  • Simple, flat boards that are fitted together with a tongue and groove type fitting resulting in a smooth, tightly fitting board finish. 

  • Can be used vertically or horizontally.

  • As with Board and Batten, shiplap was traditionally used in rustic cabins and cottages, due to its ability to perform well in harsh weather.

  • This popular type of siding suits contemporary homes or can equally make an older style home look more modern.

 Use These Tips to Make a Statement with Vertical Siding

If you are considering adding vertical siding to your new or existing home, consider these tips for a stylish result:

  • If using all over the house, trim your windows and doors in contrasting colour

  • Use only on gables or around the entranceway 

  • Add only to the upper or lower half of the home 

  • Use next to contrasting materials like aluminum, steel, stone, wood or brick

  • Vary the width of the panels for a more modern look

Vertical Siding Professionally Installed by Modern Windows

The siding design and installation experts at Modern are experienced in working with and installing vertical siding on homes and commercial buildings. 

With so many different options for style, size, colour and placement, let us work with you on a design that will bring the best out of your home.

Offering services across Vancouver Island, the lower mainland, Powell River and the Sunshine Coast, Modern can help with all your home building or renovation needs including garage doors, decking, railings, patio covers and of course windows

Contact us to find out how we can help enhance your home today.


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