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4 Ways to Eliminate Drafts in Your Home

Starting to feel the chill? Maybe the cooler temperatures are reminding you of all the drafty places in your home. Is it the chair by the window no one likes to sit in? The fluttering curtain? The need to bring out the cutesy door sill pillows? Are you already missing the warmth of the sun? We'd love to help you find cost-effective ways to address to boost your home's comfort level and save on your energy bills.

Windows: Windows are an obvious source of drafts. Renovation windows are easy to install, and we can quickly and easily convert and renovate old wood or aluminum windows into brand new vinyl windows. There are two ways we install replacement windows, either as a renovation window or a “full cut-out” nail on window. Whichever installation method you choose, the window structure, energy ratings, and quality are identical. We have decades of installation experience and would be happy to provide you with a quote for either option and help you decide which option is best for you.

Insulation: Even if you live in an older home, it's not too late to insulate. Insulation can be added to attic spaces and crawl spaces to literally keep your energy costs from going through the roof. Blown in insulation, or blowing wool as it's sometimes called, is an easy way to reduce drafts and add warmth to your home. Modern installs a high-quality blown in insulation product that can be used to insulate any enclosed space. Even if you already have some insulation in your attic or crawl space, the money you spend upgrading with some additional blown in insulation won't take long to recoup through energy savings.

Sunrooms: You may think that sunrooms are a summer topic, but they offer their best value in the winter months. A sunroom lets you get more use from an existing porch, make the most of the daylight hours and can keep your home warmer. A south facing design that incorporates sloped glazing and insulated end walls is ideal and will add heat to your home even in winter. 

Entry Doors: Replacing your entry door is another way to keep the cold out. The most important thing about an entry door is how well it fits, so if you need custom sizes, Modern is your go-to supplier. We have lots of customization options including different types of construction materials, all NAFS approved. Many exterior doors have a polyurethane foam insulation core for energy efficiency.

Your home is your comfort zone. If you want more information about adding blow in insulation, renovation windows, sunrooms, or insulated entry doors, give the team at Modern a call to find out how you can save money and eliminate the drafts.

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