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Aluminum Windows Make A Big Comeback

Who chooses to build with aluminum windows in 2016? They're making a big comeback and for good reason! Although people think aluminum windows are a product of the past, we still make them and we're busting all the myths about them not meeting energy standards. In fact, aluminum windows are the new sleek and sexy when it comes to modern home design. 

With an ultra-thin profile that shows off all that beautiful glass without the bulk of frames, Modern aluminum windows are the perfect way to give a classy look to your new home construction. These thermally broken windows have more than just good looks though, they're smart too with an NAFS approval and Energy Star certified rating to conserve energy. 

Seriously though, there are more great reasons to choose aluminum windows from Modern.

1. Local. Our aluminum windows are manufactured right here in Powell River and that's a pretty cool thing that we're very proud of. It means that you're supporting a local manufacturing company, our local economy, and keeping your carbon footprint small. We think more people should think like you.

2. Efficient. While we're talking about the environment, let's talk about energy ratings. Modern aluminum windows meet current Energy ratings (NAFS: North American Fenestration System). Because they are thermally broken and involve industry leading glazing technology, we're able to produce casement and awning window styles that are energy efficient for our West Coast environments.

3. Aesthetic. Specifically, more glass and less frame. Not everyone has the same tastes... that's why custom homes are so popular! Aluminum windows require less material than vinyl frame windows to get the required strength, so it's nice to know that you can have options in style without compromising on efficiency. 

4. Durable. Modern aluminum windows are time tested, which is why you still see them in homes today. Aluminum is well-proven to be a long lasting material that will stand the test of time, and as aluminum is 100% recyclable, they're a more sustainable choice than plastic. Aluminum windows require no upkeep so you don't have to spend time sanding and staining window frames or cleaning the frames.

5. Evolved. With the option of having casement windows in custom sizes, your building design isn't restricted by standard stock and sizes. We supply more than products, we also offer extensive product knowledge with detailed specs for builders on our website including details for window awning head, jamb, transom, mullion, and T-Bar Coupling. There's a multitude of contemporary colours (Black, anodized aluminum, etc) that work perfectly for your West Coast or contemporary style home. Have a look at our gallery and you’ll see what we mean.

If you've been wondering what the right window options are for your new home or renovation project, give us a call. Let us re-introduce you to the benefits of aluminum windows.

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