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Lifestyles and Deck Railings

Lifestyles and Deck Railings - 4 Considerations to Help You Make the Right Choice
How do you make the right choice for upgrading your back deck? Here are a few scenarios meant to bring some considerations to mind and help you decide which deck finishing options are the best for you.
1. Your neighbours' lifestyle is like a controversial 24/7 reality TV show. Or, maybe you've always gotten along great with your next door neighbours, and back yard privacy hasn't even crossed your mind for years. Having visual privacy can feel more important to some people than others. If it feels important to you, installing opaque glass panels can add a decorative and private enclosure.
2. You're a handy person. You like projects and don't mind sanding and refinishing your wood railings every couple of years. Not you? Picket railings may be the way to go. The 5 step powder coating process finish is maintenance free and comes with a 20 year limited warranty. Which means you can put away the paint brush and start planning a more relaxing summer vacation.
3. If you look out from your deck onto a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean, or the beautiful blooms of your garden it's a view you won't want to obscure. Topless glass railings are the best option for achieving that seamless and natural "infinity" view. If you're view is less aesthetic, you can create your own with privacy railings or textured glass panels.
4. Your deck is an extension of your living space, and that's where life is happening. Of course the kids are on the deck, along with their toys, their tricycle, and the dog. Picket railings provide a safe barrier between life on your level and the ground below. Safety is most important so knowing that your deck railings are strong, durable, and high enough to contain all of the fun that happens out there can bring a lot of peace of mind. 
Privacy, maintenance, view, and safety are important considerations for your backyard deck or patio. Come in and talk to us, or give us a call. We can help you decide between the different railing products, features, and price points to turn your backyard into an outdoor summer haven.

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