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Gutters Leaking? Why Seamless Gutters are the Answer

Custom Seamless Gutters Protect Your Home

Is it raining again?? If heavy rains put stress on your existing traditional gutter system, it might be time to consider an upgrade to seamless gutters. Your gutters work hard every single day, sheltering your home from all types of rain and snowy weather. As you know, they collect water from the roof and divert it to the downspouts, away from your home.

Damaged gutters not only ruin your curb appeal, they often create major problems with mold and mildew in and around your home. Damage to the roof, driveway, foundation, deck, fascia and soffits are just a few of the major problems that can be prevented with good quality gutters and professional installation. 

If your traditional segmented gutters are a leaky disaster that makes you and your family shake in your rainboots, Modern can help with our tough-as-nails seamless gutter systems.

Do you Need A Gutter Replacement?

If you’re experiencing any of the following, your gutters are going to need repair or replacement:

·        Cracking gutters

·        Rusting gutters

·        Bowing at the seams

·        Separation at the seams

·        Dropping or sagging gutters

·        Moisture damage around the foundation of your home

·        Peeling or rotting paint around the trim

·        A mildewy basement

·        Any missing or broken pieces

With our high-quality seamless gutters, we do away with the problem of multiple seams and weak points along the gutters, so you can rest easy, knowing your home and family are protected from the elements.

Seamless Gutters- How Are They Different?

Glad you asked! Seamless gutter systems are constructed from one long piece of gutter, eliminating seams and joints. Sagging gutters are often caused by the seams and joints separating over time, so going seamless can stop the problem of unstable gutters while making the entire gutter system more stable. Because seamless gutters are one piece, they're extra tough, able to stand up much better to heavy rain, hail and snow. In the end, you get a more reliable gutter with a longer lifespan. 

In fact, our quality seamless gutters come with a 20-year warranty guarantee on materials and a 1-year warranty guarantee on corners. In the end, you’ll be left with gutters that work as great as they look, with no more sagging sections or leaks. If your gutters ever do need a bit of TLC, we offer repairs, re-sloping and the replacement of the damaged sections and corners.

LeafGuard Gutters- What Are They?

Combined with the LeafGuard system, you’ll go a good long time without having to worry about cleaning out or fixing your gutters. You may have heard about these gutter covers, which are designed to block debris and other materials from entering the gutter and downspout.

When gutters aren’t weighed down and blocked by leaves and other debris, they stay in good condition much longer than standard gutters that collect pinecones, leaves, tree needles and all the other junk that falls around your home.

The best part — because the only thing going into your gutter system is water, you won’t be stuck elbow deep in muck twice (or more) a year. That’s a chore that no one wants to do! Not only does LeafGuard prevent debris like insects, pollen and leaves from building up and allowing water to flow freely through to the downspout and exit points, it prevents leaks and additional strain on the gutter itself. Say goodbye to clogs, cleaning and water damage and hello to more quality family time.

Will New Gutters Change the Look of My Home?

Only if you want them to. We offer 17 colours ranging from bright white, cashmere, nutmeg, all the way to deep black. Chances are, there’s a colour to match or complement your home’s colour scheme and design. You can also choose between Fascia or K-style profiles. 

K-Style Gutters

K style gutters have flat backs and bottoms and when seen from a side angle, they look like the letter K, hence their name. K style gutters add a decorative look, mimicking the decorative look of crown molding thanks to the extra curves.

  • 4" deep for a standard capacity
  • Choose from all 17 colours
  • Add funnels, clean-outs and Leaf Guard accessories

Fascia Style Gutters

Fascia style gutters are larger with a higher capacity than K-style gutters and are great for areas with heavy rainfall. This type of gutter is installed onto the home’s framing, with a smooth side that hides the edge of rafter tails. This creates a sleek, seamless look.

  • 5" deep for a higher capacity
  • Choose from all 17 colours
  • Add funnels, clean-outs and Leaf Guard accessories

Seamless Gutter Installation Process

In one day, you’ll be looking at your brand spanking new seamless rain gutter. You choose the colour, profile and any additions like LeafGuard caps or funnels. If you’re unsure, we can make recommendations for your budget, style of home and general preferences. Next, our installers will show up with a truck and will custom cut your new gutters on site. This ensures the perfect fit for a truly seamless fit and function.

Even better, there’s no extra material left behind to clutter up your shed or garage for years to come. Because we’re pros and we’ve done this a LOT, we take care of the entire job including setting the perfect pitch for the best drainage and the best kind of fasteners to use, so your gutters look like they’ve always been a part of your home. Go ahead and catch the game, work in your garden and enjoy your day while we take care of business.

At Modern, we provide everything you’ll need to make your home’s exterior beautiful and functional. Whether you need your gutters repaired or replaced, extra downspouts added, or you’re interested in other exterior home improvement services we offer (maybe the sunroom you’ve been wishing for), our friendly and helpful team can help. Whatever the project, we’ve been serving happy customers in Greater Vancouver, Powell River, the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island since 1984. Contact us today to get started on your home improvement goals!

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