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How to Choose An Awning Fabric

Many people don't realize what a difference deck awnings can make to increase the summer comfort of their home. Awnings are as functional as they are decorative so don't let the good looks minimize their impact. They can block both the heat of the sun and the intense sunlight that can fade your deck furniture over time. If you're fortunate enough to live near the water, you know that the glare of the sun on the water can make it harder to enjoy the view. A retractable awning can be there when you need it for shade, and rolls right out of the way when it's not.
Choosing the fabric is the fun part, and should complement the interior and exterior of your home. Sunbrella fabrics have teflon woven right into the fabric to make them water and mold resistant, so whatever pattern or colour you choose (and there are 100+ to choose from) you know it will last. 
1. Pull or blend? You can use the awning fabric colour to blend with your deck furnishing or pull out accents to accentuate your trim colour. A contrasting colour doesn't have to be loud to be effective. Subtle changes in colour help to create a relaxing effect.
2. Look at where you are. If you're already surrounded by nature, natural tones are going to look great. If you're wanting the exterior of your home to stand out in your neighbourhood, there are also lots of bold colours to choose from.
3. What's your style? The style of your home is another deciding factor for awning fabrics. If you have a traditional style, you'll want to match that with clean lines. If you have a lot of angles in your roof line, choosing a solid colour will look better than introducing a pattern. You can always dress it up by choosing a complementing valance. If you have a contemporary style home, it may lend itself to other design elements such as scalloped edges or wave patterns.
4. Dress for your size. If you're choosing a patterned fabric, choose larger patterns if you're covering a wider span to keep things from looking too busy. Using smaller patterns for shorter spans is recommended, as large patterns need a wider span to be effective.
5. Think inside out. Your awnings may affect the view from inside your home as well as from the outside, so choose a colour that also complements your interior design.
Modern has several awning styles to choose from that allow you to unfurl them manually, with a push button, automated and controlled with your computer or smartphone, or even solar powered options that sense when and where they're needed. The automated retractable awnings also have self activating wind sensors to reduce the risk of damage. Ask our staff about what option will work best for you.

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