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Modern Skylights are a Great Choice

Why Skylights Are Still Incredibly Popular

Skylights have developed a somewhat poor reputation over the years, with horror stories of leaking and condensation. Rest assured, modern skylights are a world away from their older versions and can be a wonderful addition to any home.

The skylights on the market today are highly energy-efficient, versatile, look amazing and include many eco-friendly and high-tech solutions.

Skylights remain the perfect solution to add light in small or dark rooms with no or minimal windows. They also help create a grand architectural statement in your home’s main living areas. For this and other reasons, they continue to be incredibly popular with architects and homeowners alike.

What Are The Benefits of Installing a Skylight?

  • Increased light. Anyone who has suffered with seasonal affective disorder, or the winter blues, will tell you how important natural light is for their mental wellbeing. Due to their positioning, skylights can capture up to 30% more light than a regular window. This means they not only bring light into previously dark places, but they bring more of it.

  • Increased fresh air. A vented skylight offers the option to let fresh air in, or let stale air out. This also helps with reducing humidity in the air, which is why a vented skylight is a great option for a bathroom or kitchen.

  • The feel of extra space. Extra light in a room will give the illusion that it is more spacious.

  • Creates more usable space. Installing skylights in the roof of an attic space creates additional usable square footage. Not only a great addition for your family, but it adds value too.

  • Great design feature. Skylights can be used strategically and artistically to highlight a specific architectural feature, or visually divide a large space. Look at these gorgeous examples shared by of how impactful modern skylights can be.

What Types of Skylights Can I Choose From?

Gone are the days of smoky plastic domes. Today's laminated glass skylights are both pleasing on the eye and highly functional. The variety of options available means you can find the perfect skylight for your needs.

Type of skylight:

  • Fixed. A flat skylight that does not open, used to increase light. Usually installed in higher ceilings or in locations where opening would not be desired. 

  • Vented. The same appearance as a fixed skylight but with the capacity to open for airflow. A good choice where humidity and moisture is a concern, such as in a bathroom or kitchen. The opening can be controlled manually, using a handle or hook, or using solar power with a remote control. There are even options to control the opening and set preferences using a proprietary smartphone app.

  • Tubular skylights. Also known as a sun tunnel, these are designed to reflect and magnify as much light as possible while taking up very little space. A small dome on the roof is connected to a tube that ends in a flat circular mounting on the ceiling. Ideal for dark spaces without immediate roof access such as hallways or galley kitchens.

Mount options:

  • Curb mounted. The traditional mounting style for skylights, a curb-mount is a box, attached to the roof, that the skylight is mounted over. As a result, the skylight sits a few inches out from the roofline. This is a good mount for leak protection as the box is flashed directly to the roof, minimizing joints. The curb itself can be adjusted, flared or angled to capture light and reflect it with a desired result inside the home.

  • Deck mounted. The low profile of a deck mounted skylight is a more modern look preferred by many today. It has a stronger visual appeal than the curb mounted style and its close fit makes it more energy efficient. Deck mounted skylights are fixed to the roof differently, using integral flashing built into the unit. An experienced installer should always be used for this type of skylight to ensure the waterproof seal is strong.

Extra options:

  • Glass finish. Skylight glass is available in a range of tinted and textured finishes with options including UV filtering and black-out.

  • Light control. Blinds, in a multitude of colours and designs, can be added to the inside surface of a skylight to enable light control. These can be controlled manually or remotely and even programmed to close when a certain temperature is reached in the home.

  • Shapes. Skylights don’t have to be rectangular, or flat. From unusual shapes, to skylights that straddle the peak of a roof, to pyramid style skylights – you can definitely think outside the box.

Should I Be Concerned About My Skylight Leaking or Heat Loss?

We all know of a home with an old, mouldy, single pane skylight that should have been replaced years ago. Don’t let the thought of this outdated and worn-out style of skylight put you off, contemporary skylights are made and installed to incredibly high standards.

To ensure you are installing a long lasting skylight that performs the best, choose an Energy Star rated window. To be rated Energy Star means:

  • Quality frame materials that increase energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer and improving insulation

  • Low-E glass to reflect infrared energy, keeping the warm air where you want it

  • Argon gas filled panes for more effective insulation

  • Use of multiple panes for better insulation, impact resistance and noise reduction

Install or Replace Your Skylights with Modern Windows

Ready to install a skylight and enjoy all the benefits and good looks that a contemporary skylight offers? Call your local experts at Modern Windows.

Exclusively installing Columbia Energy Star skylights that come with every option you can think of, you can relax knowing you are getting a premium product.

Serving Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, Powell River and the lower mainland, Modern’s team of qualified installers will ensure your new or replacement skylight is installed expertly.

Contact Modern Windows today to discuss the right skylights for your home. We will be glad to help with all your home building and renovation needs from windows and siding to decks and so much more.

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