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Roll Shutters - Storm Protection, Security & Energy Efficiency

Roll Shutters Offer Next-Level Security for Complete Peace of Mind

Your windows are a large investment for your home or business. When it comes to safeguarding your windows and glass doors, it makes sense to offer as much defense as you can against the elements, vandalism and theft. Doing double-duty, roll shutters from Modern Windows also help provide better energy efficiency.

What Can Roll Shutters Do?

  • Guard against storm damage
  • Increase security
  • Provide a physical barrier to prevent break-ins
  • Create better energy efficiency
  • Block light when needed
  • Block most sounds when needed

What are Roll Shutters?

Roll shutters are heavy-duty aluminum shutters. Installed on the outside of your home, they're designed to blend in with the look and feel of your home or business. They are also custom-built to match the architecture and colours of the building.

Unlike traditional hinged outdoor shutters, the newer roll shutters are easy on the eyes. They roll up to save space and slide into place. They are also simple to use and offer a wide variety of benefits for any home or storefront.

Roll Shutters for Storm Protection

Mother Nature is no match for our roll shutters

Protect your home with roll shutters because accidents happen. A tree branch flying through your front window is a real nightmare, a real mess and it can be an outright safety hazard. Windstorms are common here on the West Coast. Even minor windstorms can send all kinds of objects flying. If you live in an area that’s susceptible to stormy weather, it’s worth having a high-quality set of roll shutters.

These shutters block against torrential rain, hail, wind and snow. They're also effortless to operate, so you’re prepared no matter how fast bad weather sets in.


Roll Shutters for Residential and Commercial Security

Residential Security

Rest assured knowing that your home is your fortress

Going on an extended holiday or find yourself out later than usual? Ambient lighting can make it possible for burglars to see shapes and objects inside a home.

Potential thieves can often see into a home even with the blinds or curtains drawn. This depends on the types of materials and fabrics used. Exterior shutters block any potential view of the interior. Close them at night and relax, knowing your home is completely secure.

Roll shutters also work with your smart home system for full automation. Pre-programmed settings or your chosen smart home app keeps you in control. Simply close your shutters at night and have them open at dawn, all without having to lift a finger. To safeguard your home’s sliding glass doors and windows, check out our tips here.

This safeguard is also a huge selling feature for potential buyers of your home. Read more about windows and your resale value here.


Commercial Security

How often do you hear of a thief breaking down a door when there is a nice big storefront window? Chances are, not too often

Storefront windows are a real weak point for security. Roll shutters add a layer to your company’s loss prevention plan by preventing potential thieves from being able to see inside the store. Commercial-grade shutters also protect windows from breakage and vandalism.

Glass replacement, repair, damage to the store and the theft of items can easily cost thousands of dollars per incident. This is often only the first instance of a break-in. Add insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses to that and the expenses that vandalism and burglary bring could seriously harm an otherwise thriving business. The benefits that roll shutters provide makes them incredibly valuable. In many instances, they pay for themselves quickly.

Commercial roller shades can be automated to open and close on a schedule or at your command. Say an employee forgot to close the shutters before leaving. You can close them immediately even while off-site. The shutters can be easily tied in with your Smart system. Just use the app on your smartphone, tablet or pc to open or close the shutters at your convenience.


Roll Shutters for Energy Efficiency

Reduce your bills while protecting your home

Windows and doors are to blame for most of the energy loss in a home. At Modern, we offer the most energy efficient windows on the market.  These range from double and triple paned windows to low E glass.

The added insulation provided by roll shutters helps decrease energy use by preventing the nice warm air from escaping. This helps to regulate the inside temperature, letting your heating and cooling system work as effectively as possible. The result- a great way to lower your utility costs. Read about more ways to reduce your energy bills here.

Roll Shutters for Calm and Quiet

Hear that? No..? Good!

You’ll also find that your home is quieter at night since the roll shutters help to dampen outside noise. You’ll hear much less of the typical street sounds and sirens, helping you get a better night’s rest in your cozy home.

For shift workers, it can be tough to get a restful sleep during the day. Roll shutters can block all incoming sunlight and make your sleep space as dark as you need it to be.

Choosing Your New Roll Shutters

Colour, shape, size… It’s up to you

Our durable aluminum roll shutters are totally customizable. They're cut to size and created according to your wishes. We offer standard colour options designed to match most homes. Do you need a certain shade to match or accent your home’s façade? Need a certain shape for angular or curved windows? We can do that! We also offer a flexible payment plan for your convenience.

Considering roll shutters?  We're happy to offer advice and provide a no-obligation quote for your new shutter system. We've been serving happy home and business owners from all over Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver, Powell River and the Sunshine Coast since 1986!  Contact our friendly team at Modern Windows today to find out more.

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