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Updating Your Garage

garage doorAre you ready to transform the façade of your home? Instead of focusing on expensive updates and complete home renovations, a new garage door is an instant makeover for every home (it also adds serious value to the house)! There are garage door options for every style of home – whether you have a colonial structure or a modern face. No matter what your personal preferences, Modern has a garage door style to accommodate every aesthetic.

Moving? A New Garage Door Helps a House Sell Faster
According to Door + Access Systems Newsmagazine, of all projects “costing less than $5,000, a garage door replace ranks #3 on the list of projects that deliver the most value at resale…” Why not invest in a project that boosts resale value? If you are looking to move, a new garage door helps your house sell faster.

Staying? Invest in the Longevity of Your Home
In a few short hours, you can transform the look of your structure and add to your home’s value. A new garage door operates properly so it's safer,  looks fresh, and draws attention to the house you’ve worked to make a home. As a proud home owner, why not show off the equity you've been building.
Upgrade to an Insulated Steel Garage Door
Insulated steel is a popular garage door material for people working on a complete home renovation. This instantly adds value to your home because its more durable than a standard wood door and automatically boosts curb appeal. You get every benefit of this durable metal plus the option of customizing it with our garage door styles.
Our 3 Most Popular Garage Door Styles
Style 1: Traditional standard raised panels
There's a reason they call it traditional! The standard raised panels are exactly what you think of when you heara the words “garage door.” It comes with a six-panel façade that looks just like a traditional garage door, but is made of metal.
Style 2: Contemporary smooth wood-grain face garage door
Love the look of cherry wood or a walnut finish? Achieve the look of wood without the maintenance you’d normally have to commit to with a contemporary wood-grain garage door. No chipping paint, no blistered surface, just a smooth finish that doesn’t fade, doesn’t get a chalky look, and looks great in every season.
Style 3: Carriage style garage door
A carriage style door looks like an old-fashioned traditional barn door with the warm look of planks and the durability of metal. If you love a look that says quaint, you'll love this option.
Whether you are staying in the home or planning to put it on the market don't overlook the value of replacing your garage door. Any of these three styles can transform your home’s curb appeal! Give Modern a call and we'll do the measuring for you, and answer any questions you have about the options available. You'll find more great styles here.

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