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Time to Replace Your Home’s Gutters?

Why Gutters are Important

If gutters are doing their job properly, they fade into the background and work every single day, year-round to protect your home, including the foundation, roof, exterior siding, and even the landscaping from water damage. Water damage can cause big problems for hom…

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The Many Benefits of Retractable Awnings

To Get the Most from your Outdoor Living Space, Consider a Retractable Awning

If you need shade for your outdoor refuge, a retractable awning might be just the solution.

Imagine... no bulky umbrellas to maneuver and no rearranging patio furniture to follow the shade throughout the day— just co…

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Different Types of Railings for Your Deck or Patio

A beautiful set of railings safely enclose your outdoor living spaces while adding value and curb appeal to your home.  Like many aspects of exterior home products, it’s so important that railings are done right and with the correct materials. This is why Modern Windows offers professionally craf…

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Roof for your Patio? Choosing Between Glass and Aluminum Patio Covers


If your patio space is exposed to the elements, you may benefit from a patio cover from Modern. Barbecue for all twelve months of the year, host gatherings without worrying about the weather and enjoy your deck or patio every single day with no worries about scorched feet or wasted outdoor spa…

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14 Ways to Enhance Your Patio with Glass

Enjoy Spending More Time on Your Patio with These Upgrades

Glass is such a beautiful, versatile building material, especially when it is applied to your outdoor spaces. Adding glass elements to your patio can enhance its style, comfort, and functionality. Some add-ons and customizations can even …

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How to Build Your Own Window Seat

Cozy Up Your Space with a DIY Window Seat

Looking for a DIY home project that will serve you well into the future? Look no further than this DIY window seat project.

Window seats may look like they cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to pull off, but there is no need to pay a contractor for …

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Can I Replace Just One Pane of a Double Pane Window?

An Overview of What to Expect During a Double Pane Window Repair

If your home’s windows are relatively new, chances are good that they are double pane, or even triple pane windows. Read on for more information on what is involved during a double pane window repair, including whether or not it’s p…

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5 Steps to Buying Replacement Windows

How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows For Your Home

Think all replacement windows are basically the same? The truth is that there are actually many subtle differences amongst all the products on the market these days, especially when it comes to glass quality and performance.

If you’re o…

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5 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Unsure Whether You Need New Windows? 
Look for these signs....

Even though you might spend a lot of time looking out your windows, it can be hard to tell when they need replacing – their failing performance isn’t always obvious. Fortunately, there are ways to tell when you might need new wi…

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Energy Saving Tips for Your Windows

Want to Reduce Your Home’s Heating & Cooling Costs? Just Take a Look Out the Window

energy saving tips - drafty windowsWith the cost of heating and cooling your home or business steadily on the rise, energy efficient building features are becoming more and more commonplace. If you’re looking to reduce the cost of your energy bil…

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5 Ways to Winterize Sliding Glass Doors

winterizing your sliding glass doors

Stay Warm this Winter by Insulating Your Sliding Glass Doors

If you feel like your heat runs around the clock as soon as winter arrives, yet it never seems to make much of a difference in certain areas of your home, your sliding glass patio door might be to blame.

Sliding glass doors, as a…

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6 Ways to Improve the Security of your Sliding Glass Door

Don’t Let Your Sliding Glass Door be an Easy Target for Thieves!

When you think of your sliding glass door, you likely view it solely as a functional and practical way to access your outdoor patio or backyard. But a would-be thief is viewing your patio door as one of the easiest ways to acc…

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Tips for Choosing a Vinyl Siding Colour

Choosing a colour for your home exterior can seem pretty daunting, but taking a little time to consider a few factors can make it easier to reach a decision.  If you're considered vinyl siding as an option there are a few quick advantages worth mentioning. Firstly, vinyl siding offers a lot more o…

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4 Ways to Eliminate Drafts in Your Home

Starting to feel the chill? Maybe the cooler temperatures are reminding you of all the drafty places in your home. Is it the chair by the window no one likes to sit in? The fluttering curtain? The need to bring out the cutesy door sill pillows? Are you already missing the warmth of the sun? We'd l…

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Gutters Can Help to Prevent Mould Growth

Mould growth is the dread of every homeowner not only because of the health risk, but because it can devalue your home investment. Mould growth in your home can start from excessive dampness in a basement or crawl space where rain water finds its way in through foundation cracks. Mould growth isn't …

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Seamless Gutter Installation - 4 Reasons To Choose Modern

Replacing the gutters on your home can go one of two ways. One option is to choose to have your gutters professionally installed, the other is the do-it-yourself route with the help of family and friends. Here are 4 reasons why we recommend hiring the Modern team for gutter installation. You can sti…

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One-Stop Shop for Builders and Renovators

Look at the front of your favorite home. Why does it stand out? The details that make a house more than just a structure you’ve worked on are all about the final touches you add. Glass railings on a cabin. Patio covers for those wet winters. Garage doors for function and value. Finding a quality …

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Updating Your Garage

garage doorAre you ready to transform the façade of your home? Instead of focusing on expensive updates and complete home renovations, a new garage door is an instant makeover for every home (it also adds serious value to the house)! There are garage door options for every style of home – whether you have a co…

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Define Your Space With Picket Railings

If the house with the picket fence sounds too 1950s for you, a Modern option is aluminum picket railings. Strong but wind and weather resistant, these railings are beautiful, easy to maintain, and enhance nearly any home design.Aluminum railings are a great option for high decks, swimming pools, a…

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Signs it's Time for Gutter Repair

It’s gutter season again and there are a few tell tale signs that will alert you to the need for gutter repair or replacement. As those who live on the west coast well know, once the rainy season starts it can be a long stretch of wet before we see the sunshine again. The best place to start is to…

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