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Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Siding

If you're still under the impression that vinyl siding is less appealing than wood, we need to talk. Seriously, the evolution of vinyl siding products in the last decade is nothing less than impressive and if you're home renovation plan includes residing, then vinyl siding deserves your consideratio…

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5 Reasons to Choose Glass For Your Deck Railing

There are many reasons to choose a glass railing system for your patio or deck. Besides the obvious reason of enjoying an unimpeded view, here are 5 other convincing attributes, which make a great case  for choosing glass.

1. Versatile. A glass railing blends well with any style of arc…

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Seamless Gutter Installation

 seamless gutter installation with Modern gutter truckIt's the rainy season here on the coast, and your home should have a well working drainage system to minimize the effects of winter. An effective gutter system is an integral part of keeping your foundation and basement dry, and maybe even your neighbour's basement too! Modern offers gutter installa…

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French Doors vs Sliding Patio Doors

We're routinely asked to provide quotes for French doors to people planning their home renovation projects. As much as we love the look of French doors we will sometimes recommend installing a sliding patio door instead. We carry great options on both of these products, but here's an insider's look …

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How to Choose An Awning Fabric

Many people don't realize what a difference deck awnings can make to increase the summer comfort of their home. Awnings are as functional as they are decorative so don't let the good looks minimize their impact. They can block both the heat of the sun and the intense sunlight that can fade your deck…

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Online Photo Contest

We have an online photo contest happening now where you can upload any of your photos that might be captioned with the our tagline "Great Taste In Windows". What that looks like is up to you, and we can let the voters decide! We ran a similar contest several years ago, and which resulted in our feat…

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Lifestyles and Deck Railings

Lifestyles and Deck Railings - 4 Considerations to Help You Make the Right Choice
How do you make the right choice for upgrading your back deck? Here are a few scenarios meant to bring some considerations to mind and help you decide which deck finishing options are the best for you.

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Patio Covers - Made in the Shade

glass patio coverMade in the Shade with Modern.

Add style and function to your outdoor living space this summer with a new patio cover from Modern. Modern offers some attractive options that can help you enjoy the great outdoors even if the weather isn't cooperating. A covered patio is the perfect place to enjoy …

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Aluminum Windows Make A Big Comeback

Who chooses to build with aluminum windows in 2016? They're making a big comeback and for good reason! Although people think aluminum windows are a product of the past, we still make them and we're busting all the myths about them not meeting energy standards. In fact, aluminum windows are the new…

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