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Door FAQ

Here you'll find the answers to frequently asked questions about entry doors, door replacements, door materials, energy ratings and door finishes.  Still have a question? Feel free to contact us.

Are your entry doors NAFS certified? What are the energy ratings?

If you thought understanding NAFS in relation to windows was tough... doors are even more customizable than windows so it’s best to discuss your needs and door preferences with Modern prior to ordering a door to ensure that requirements are met.


If I’m replacing a door, should I replace just the door (slab), or the entire door (slab and jamb)?

The replacing of a door can be very challenging for numerous reasons. Older homes settle and/or in many cases don’t have square or plum walls and entrances. For this reason, it’s always recommended that you replace the door and the jamb (frame that the door closes into) for older homes. This ensures that doors close properly and are airtight.


Should I buy a steel, wood or fiberglass door? Which is best?

Each building material has its affiliated costs and limitations to design. Wood is beautiful but is subject to annual maintenance and can often swell and shrink depending on the environment it’s placed in. Steel is known for its strength and cost effectiveness but there are limitations to styles. Fiberglass doors are a happy median between the two and offer strength, style and virtually limitless design options. Textured designs are available that once painted look like wood without the maintenance factor.


Do doors come pre-painted?

Not typically. Doors are primed and ready for paint, but not finished. Each door manufacturer in combination with the material the door is constructed with (wood, steel, fiberglass, etc) will offer specific directions on finishing. You will want to review these instructions along with the warranty details as most door warranties are void if proper finishing does not take place within a certain time period.


Are your patio doors NAFS certified? What are the energy ratings?

Our standard vinyl patio doors are NAFS approved. Please contact Modern for specific ratings and details, as these are specific to geographical locations and individual products.


How secure is a patio door? Aren’t they easy to break into?

Patio doors, and their security have improved dramatically in the last 10 years. The combination of heavier frames, foot locks and dual pin locking systems have eliminated the chances of patio doors being “popped” open.


Why would I buy a patio door when they're so hard to open and close?

New patio doors don’t require all your strength to open and close them…much different than that of your current patio door. Not all patio doors are built the same however, so look for doors like those carried at Modern that have steel wheels rather than plastic wheels, or you may find yourself getting a workout that you weren’t expecting.


Should I buy a French door or a sliding patio door?

This is a very common question that comes down to preferences and your current situation. Patio doors are recommended in a few situations. If you have small deck, patio doors take up less space as they do not require the “swing space” a hinged door would require to open. Patio doors are quite often more cost effective than French doors and as they are made of vinyl or aluminum and require no maintenance. A wooden French door would require painting every few years. Patio doors come with a simple sliding screen system whereas French doors require an aftermarket retractable screen system which adds cost to this investment.

French doors are aesthetically pleasing and fit well with those homes that are looking to have their door match the traditional or classic style of their home. French doors also allow for a bigger opening in order to move furniture and/or items through since both doors can swing open. You can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to style. Modern makes a patio door that mimics a French door. By using a wider extrusion and grids, you can have the look of a French Door with the convenience of a patio door.


Are your French Doors NAFS certified? What are the energy ratings?

Standard sized French doors are NAFS approved. Please contact Modern for specific ratings and details, as these are specific to geographical locations and individual products.


Are there screens available for French Doors?

Yes. They typically do not come with French doors and require you to purchase an aftermarket retractable screen from a manufacturer such as Phantom Screens, or Wizard Screens and have them installed. These are very effective screen and certainly add more use to your French door, however there is an addition to the overall cost of the door.


How safe are French doors?

Outswing French doors are a very secure option as they typically have rod locking on the tops and bottoms of the doors as well as a regular lock and deadbolt.


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