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Garage Door FAQ

What kind of door should you choose? Ask the professionals at Modern for help choosing the style, the material and functionality of your garage or entry door. 

How do I choose a garage door?

You’ve got your work cut out for you! There are 1000’s of combinations of doors to choose from however we suggest that you start with your size of door in mind followed by flipping through some brochures or websites to find the door you like. If construction material is important to you, then this should be taken into consideration. Most materials whether steel, vinyl etc, are extremely good quality. The cost difference between an insulated and non-insulated door is negligible in comparison to the warmth to the garage and the rest of the home that you will benefit from.


Should I get windows in my garage door?

This is quite often an afterthought as many people don’t think about the benefit of lighting the garage. Although they don’t think they’ll really spend much time there, most find that the garage ends up being a place that’s not just for the car. Work benches, storage shelves, woodworking projects, etc. all seem to end up taking place in the garage and before you know it, you find that more light would have been beneficial after all. We certainly recommend a panel of lights be a strong consideration before having your door installed.


Do I really need an insulated garage door?

The cost difference between an insulated and non-insulated door is negligible compared to the warmth of the garage which benefits the rest of your home as well. By slowing down the cold entering your garage, you also slow down the cold entering your home from the garage.


Do you fix garage doors as well as supply and install them?

Yes, we offer repair services including replacing parts and adjusting doors.


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