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Gutter System FAQ

If you have questions about gutters for your home, or about the Leaf Guard products we carry, contact us.

How do I keep leaves out of my gutters?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to stopping, or rather minimizing, the amount of leaves and particles that enter your eavestroughs. Leaf Guard, or gutter caps, can be installed with your gutters to inhibit leaves from entering.The second method is to use a funnel and leaf catcher combination. The funnel that is attached where the down pipe attaches to the gutter, allows for a larger hole to be placed in the eavestrough. This concept sees the materials that are collected in the eavestrough washed down through the funnel and then get trapped in the leaf catcher. Smaller particles like pine needles and cedar pieces will enter the gutter if they are small enough to slip through the holes.


Do you provide gutters for homes with metal roofs?

Yes, our gutter systems work with metal roofs.


Can you match new gutters to my existing gutter system?

We offer two different profiles, however they may not be exactly the same as the profile on your home. Colours are standard so matching colours is seldom an issue.


Do you do gutter repairs?

Modern offers gutter repairs including corner repairs, re-sloping and replacing certain sections of your gutter system that may have been damaged.


Seamless Gutter System Installation

Need help with eavestrough installation, repairs or gutter system replacement? Call us for a quote! Modern services home owners and contractors throughout Vancouver Island, Powell River, the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver."

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