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Vinyl Decking FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about vinyl deck covering we get here at Modern. If you have further questions about vinyl decking, vinyl windows, aluminum windows,  entry doors, garage doors, gutters or railings, feel free to contact us.

Can I take a power washer to my Vinyl decking? How do I clean my vinyl decking?

Although people do it all the time, pressure washing your deck is usually not recommended by the manufacturer and can void your warranty. Instead, they recommend soap and water and will often supply you with a special cleaner that is specific to cleaning vinyl decking.


How long does a Duradek vinyl deck cover last?

The Duradek warranty was recently increased to 15 years however the product lasts much longer than that. We’ve seen plenty of old vinyl decks that are still 100% waterproof even after they were 20-25 years old. Back then, the standard was a 45mm thick product. Now it’s 60mm and the durability and colours/patterns with improved technology so that it will last much longer.

To put the warranty coverage into perspective, Duradek vinyl membranes have been around for 45 years now. That’s more than 4 complete warranty cycles (under the old warranty of 10 years).

The number of warranty cycles a product has been through is quite an important distinction. For example, if a new product comes out offering a lifetime warranty but that company is not in business in 5 years, that warranty means very little. With a history of 4.5 warranty cycles, Duradek is completely confident in the waterproofing performance that its customers can count on. Therefore, Duradek is proud to increase the length of the waterproofing warranty portion of the Duradek Ultra 60 mil membrane an additional 5 years.

Click here to read more about the Duradek warranty.


Can I install Duradek myself?

Anything is possible but we certainly would not suggest it. Not only is a specific technique required, but you would require a specialized heat welder used for vinyl deck welding. These welders cost between $750-$1000 and are not something that you typically find at your local tool rental shop. Even if you did manage to find a welder and do some practising, a mistake of the heat gun could result in a burn hole in your deck that could cost far more to repair than a qualified installation.


Can you patch old vinyl decks?

Patching old vinyl with a new piece of vinyl and/or welding new vinyl to old is possible but tricky. The welding process sees the virtual melting of one piece of vinyl to the other and in some cases, due to the age and lack of elasticity in old vinyl the weld will not take. The newer the vinyl the better, providing the best chance that the welding process will be successful. In addition, vinyl will fade under UV conditions and therefore new decking will be apparent when compared against older sections.


Vinyl Deck Installation

Modern is a qualified Duradek dealer for professional vinyl decking installation and results.


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