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Aluminum Window FAQ

Frequently asked questions about renovation aluminum windows and the differences between vinyl windows and aluminum windows.

Does Modern make a Renovation style (Rebate) Aluminum window?

Yes. We have aluminum nail­ on windows and aluminum renovation windows.


Aluminum versus vinyl windows? What’s best?

There are pros and cons to both once again. The benefits of a vinyl window include:
1. Cost effectiveness. Vinyl windows give you the best bang for your buck.
2. Vinyl (PVC) is not a conductor and therefore does not transfer temperature changes as aluminum or another alloy would.

Benefits of an aluminum window include:
1. More glass: The strength of aluminum allows for a thinner frame (extrusion), which increases the amount of glass within your window.
2. Thin Frame: The sleek and ultra thin frame is sought after by new home builders and those looking to build contemporary and West Coast style homes.
3. Commercial Look: Aluminum windows add a commercial look by using a square snap bead, aluminum and anodized finishes that complement both modern and post-modern building design.
4. Thermally Broken: Unlike old aluminum windows that utilized an aluminum frame, Modern’s aluminum windows use a thermal break which refers to an insulating barrier (typically vinyl) that runs between the internal and external frame preventing the transfer of cold.


What’s your Aluminum Window Warranty?

Modern offers a 20 year warranty on the aluminum window frame, 10 years on glass and 2 years on parts and labour. Click here for more details.


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