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Sealed Units

Most windows are double paned. They consist of two sheets of glass sealed together with a small amount of space in between them. The space between the two panes is often filled with argon or krypton gas to provide energy-efficient insulating properties.

If the seal on your double paned windows breaks or one or both of the panes of glass crack, the window can become foggy, drafty and collect moisture. Once the seal is broken the entire sealed unit has been compromised and both panes of glass must be replaced. Thankfully in most cases there is no need to replace the entire window. Instead we can replace the sealed unit and leave the existing frame in place and intact.



Sealed Unit Replacement Process

Whether your window has started looking a little foggy or has been completely shattered and needs replacing immediately, the best place to start is by scheduling a free consultation with our team of professionals.

One of our expert team members will come to your home to assess condition of the window frame. If the frames (casing, trim and sill plate) are in good shape we can proceed with replacing just the sealed unit. Frames are typically considered in good condition if they are less than 15 years old, made from vinyl or aluminium and are free from any defects.


New Panes

If your window frame is in good condition we will proceed with replacing the sealed unit. The process of replacing a sealed unit entails: 

  • We will clean up any debris in the area and prep the existing frame for the installation process.
  • Measure the existing window opening and secure any broken windows if necessary.
  • Cut the glass and create a new sealed unit.
  • Schedule a return visit to install your new custom window.
  • Install and seal in the new sealed unit within your home's existing window frame.


New Frames

In the event that your window frame and sealed unit require replacing we can present you with a variety of options for your new window. You will be able to select the frame material (typically aluminium or vinyl), operating type and style. Our team will help you select a window the best fits your style and budget.


Sealed Unit Repairs

Modern offers sealed unit repairs from our locations on Vancouver Island, Powell River, Vancouver, Whistler, Squamish, and the Sunshine Coast. We have more than three decades of window glass repair and installation experience and offer quick turn-arounds on free quotes and consultations, flexible appointments, and replacement glass for custom and hard-to-fit window dimensions.

If you’re on the market for a sealed unit repair, Modern’s professional window installers have you covered. We will help guide you through all your double pane window repair and replacement needs. Request a free quote online or call us today at 1-866-934-2599 to learn more.


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