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Renovation Windows

Up to 35% of your home's heat loss can be attributed to old wood or old aluminum windows.  New Modern vinyl windows are the perfect replacement window for your home. Modern Windows can quickly and easily convert and renovate old wood or aluminum windows into brand new vinyl windows.


Renovation Windows

With literally thousands of vinyl window renovation projects under our belt, our experienced sales team can answer any questions you have about window styles, pricing, and energy efficiency. Our professional window installers go out of their way to ensure your upgrade to energy efficient windows is worry free with as little disruption to you and your family as possible.

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In addition to providing a cost effective solution for your window renovations, we also offer a multitude of opening styles (casement, awnings and sliders) and 2 installation methods to best suit your needs.

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Rebate Windows vs Nail-on Windows’ for Aluminum Window Replacement

If you’re replacing your old wood windows or aluminum windows with vinyl windows, there are two window installation methods to choose from: a renovation window OR a “full cut-out” using a nail on window.

Installation using a Renovation Window

The installation of a renovation window (also known as a rebate window or rebate flange window) allows you to upgrade your older home’s wood or aluminum windows without having to cut into the building envelope (siding and/or wall). This installation method sees the glass and inner structure of your current windows removed but leaves the perimeter of your existing window frame intact. The new windows are inserted over top of this existing frame (also known as “piggybacking”) and then secured into place. Insulation is then added around the window and trim is added so that there are no visible traces of the old window.

View our Renovation Windows being installed into old wood or old aluminum windows.

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75% of window renovations use a renovation window, as there are some significant benefits:

1. Less Expensive: Approximately half the cost of replacing an old window with a new  window is associated with tearing the old window out. Using a renovation window method does not require the perimeter of the old frame to be removed and therefore saves on both labour and material costs.
2. Less Invasive: As a renovation window installation does not require the “cutting” or “tearing out” of the entire old window frame, your building envelope (siding and wall construction) is not touched or compromised. It avoids cuts to your building sheathing that expose the building’s siding and possible leakage points, making renovation windows a worthwhile consideration
3. Avoids Stucco Siding: Stucco is a hazardous material and requires careful and proper protection of the installers, you and your family, and to your home. The time and effort it takes to prevent possible harm (protective gear, extra time, disposal, etc) adds additional costs to a job. The installation of renovation windows avoids the need to handle or cut into stucco, saving significant amounts of time and labour costs.
4. Reduces Installation Time: Time is not only money, it’s also convenience. At Modern, we strive to cause you the least amount of inconvenience while working in your home. Our goal is to complete your window installation as quickly as possible without compromising quality. Rebate windows typically take half the time to install as a nail on window.

Installation Using a Nail on Window:

“Nail-on” refers to the actual installation method of this kind of window. Nail on windows use a nailing fin allowing the window, through this fin, to be affixed to the framing on the building. In order to retrofit a new nail-on window into an older home the original nail-on windows need to be completely removed. This is accomplished by removing the exterior trim, and often includes cutting back siding in order to expose the original nailing fin. The nails holding the original window in place are removed, old window completely removed and then the rough opening (hole where window was) is prepared for the new windows installation. The new window is situated, nailed into place and any additional sealing and insulation is applied as necessary. The siding and/or trim is put back in place and your new window is installed.

The structure, energy ratings, and quality of a nail-on window versus a renovation window are identical. The defining difference between the two is related to the installation method and the use of a nailing fin or a flange. Our Exterior Specialists would be happy to go over the merits of both installation methods during your estimate consult and provide you with a quote for both options for your consideration.

Vinyl or Aluminum Window Replacement
Looking for a renovation and remodeling contractor in Nanaimo, Duncan, Port Alberni, Courtenay, Parksville, Campbell River, Powell River or the Sunshine Coast? Modern can help. Please see the individual product pages for more information on renovating your home's exterior.

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